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SAP FICO Interview Questions

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1: Ticket - Master config issue

Q;-F110 Payment execution getting an error GL account missing currency code USD house bank LFP09

Solution: House Bank LFP09 against currency USD and GL account not maintained in FBZP configuration, hence this its getting an error. Configuration step: This will be maintained in T code FBZP config under bank determination step Ranking order and bank accounts selection screen in put datas ( House bank, payment method currency, account ID Bank clearing account) will maintained in development system and then moved through TR(Transport request) to quality system- Once testing done and working successfully then will move the changes to production.

2:Ticket category- master issue

Q. User while posting the vendor invoice through FB60 getting an error GL account is only allowed output tax.

Solution: GL master tax category updated as “+”(only output tax allowed), if the same GL to be allowed input tax as well then change the GL master tax category as * (all type tax allowed), requested user to ask GL MDM team to get change the GL master accordingly then process the transaction.

3:Ticket: Category- User understand issue

Q;FBL1N Vendor report not showing the parked document line item.

Solution : Parked document vendor report FBL1n screen parked item check box should be selected then the vendor report parked line item will displayed.

4: Ticket Category – User understand issue

Q;Asset depreciation not calculated month of June-17

Solution: Asset master asset shutdown check box activated, hence the asset is not calculating the depreciation. If need to calculate the asset depreciation then remove the asset shutdown check box.

SAP FICO Interview Questions

Q:Types of chart of account. Where the link between operative and country chart of account created .

Q:How many currency can be define for a company code beside local currency

Q:How tax calculated in SAP.? (Tax code are country specific or company code)

Q:Difference between master data / transaction data.

Q:What is document type.?

Q:Purchase cycle and interface with FI entry posted

Q:Why GR/IR entries required

Q:Sale cycle and interface with FI entry posted

Q:Explain APP process steps of fbzp.

Q:What is a line item and how many line items can be entered in a single document

Q:Describe number range interval

Q:Meaning of balance in local currency

Q:What is an asset class, created at cocd level or client level and why need.?

Q:FI:CO interface primary n secondary elements.

Q:Overview of travel and management

Q:Electronic banking system OT83 configuration

Q:Knowledge on idocs

Q:Check in details what is SAP concur

Q:Idea about Vendor invoice management

Q:Overview of IHC (in-house cash management)